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Can I Wash Contact Lens Cases with Soap & Water?

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Cleaning your contact lens cases is imperative to maintaining optimal health. Failing to rinse & sanitize your contact lens cases may lead to potential ocular damages and infections resulting in complete loss of vision. If you wear reusable contact lenses, make sure you are making efforts to maintain hygiene on daily, weekly & monthly basis. Washing your cases with water & soap is strictly prohibited since water contains potential microorganisms that risks vision loss.

How to Wash Contact Lens Cases?

Contact lenses must never come in contact with water- even a single drop of water may contaminate them with a horrendous bacteria i.e. “acanthamoeba keratitis”. It feeds on the cornea and may leave you devoured of your eye balls within 24 hours.

Always wash your hands prior to handling the cases or contacts. Avoid using soaps with moisturizers & fragrances. Pat dry your hands with a lint free towel.

Daily Routine: Rinsing Contact Lens Cases

Discard any remaining solution every day after each wear. Scrub off the chamber’s interior by wetting your finger pads with multipurpose contact lens solution. This will remove bio-film stuck on the plastic.

Weekly Routine: Sanitizing Contact Lens Cases

It is crucial to sanitize your cases at least once in a week. This can be achieve by running your cases in the dishwasher or by boiling the cases in hot water for five minutes. Be very careful of avoiding the burns.

Monthly Routine: Thorough Clean up

Check your cases once in a month for cracks & holes. Even a thread like crevice is enough to let bacteria pass through the screwed shut lids. Take out a new tooth-brush and keep is solely to clean the cases. Wet the bristles with multipurpose solution and rub generously in every hard-to-reach place. To facilitate the process; spray some of the solution directly on to the case. Rinse it with disinfectant & let it air dry or tissue-wipe.


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Always store contact lens cases on appropriate places. A table top or a dresser could be the best. Leaving it by side of a window where sunlight enters generously may cause fading in contact lenses. Similarly, storing and handling your contacts on a humid place such as in a toilet, is also full of potential risks. You may want to replace your cases early if they suffer a damage otherwise replacing every 3 months would be enough.

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