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What are Extended Wear Circle Lenses?

extended wear circle lenses

Circle lenses come in different replacement schedules that are meant to meet varying needs of users depending on their life style, type of physical activities & special requirements. However, all types of circle lenses unless mention “extended wear” need to be removed at night or prior to falling asleep. Extended wear circle lenses are the only types of contacts that can be left in eyes for six nights and seven days straight in a row – yes even when you sleep. (Available in frequent replacements)

How do Extended Wear Circle Lenses Work?

With advanced technology circle lenses have come a lot far. Yet, circle lenses compromises on the oxygen permeation, your eyes require to function properly. Our eyes are the only organ that fulfills their oxygen requirement by drawing it from the open environment. Circle lenses, on the other hand tend to obstruct it thus eyes begin to grow tiny veins that grow towards the iris in an attempt to draw oxygen from the body instead. Therefore, it is suggested to always put off contact lenses prior to sleep.

Fortunately, with the advent of silicone hydrogel material circle lenses are even more comfortable, durable & reliable. People with sensitive eyes, dry eye syndrome or people with active lifestyle such as athletes, sportsmen or military personnel can fearlessly switch from glasses to extended wear circle contacts. Extended wear circle lenses are made using silicone hydrogel material that holds more water than hyaluronic acid. They allow 7 times more oxygen to flow into your eyes which make these lenses highly breathable. Furthermore, they are more wet able. The air edge technology inhibits bacteria and protein accumulation on the contacts which means you no longer need to keep rinsing and disinfecting your contacts which is a common practice with regular soft circle lenses.

How Frequently Extended Wear Circle Lenses are to be Replaced?

AirSoft Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses ensure clear vision every morning you wake up. They are available in biweekly & monthly replacement schedules.  The more frequently you replace your contacts, the less infections you contract.

Can anyone Wear Extended Wear Circle Lenses?

It is always a good idea to consult your doctor before you make major changes in your life. Circle lenses are medical devices and should be concerning if they are a significant source of correcting vision imperfection. A doctor will be able to suggest you extended wear contacts that suits you in terms of lens type & replacement schedule. In case you are battling with seasonal allergies or you are an outdoor enthusiast you must get your eyes checked before you switch to extended wear lenses. Doctors recommend to always be extra cautious & remove lenses before you dive in for a swim even if you wear extended contacts.

Extended wear circle lenses are recommended to people with unpredictable life styles or people with high refractive errors (hyperopia or myopia). It is extremely satisfying to be able to see clearly when waking up unexpectedly at night. Similarly, people who have sensitive eyes would seemingly opt for extended wear as they are super hydrated and breathable. Remember, if anything seems wrong such as irritation, redness or over production of tears from the crazy glands; take off your contacts and resort to eye doctor. Using Rohto C cube eye drops usually suffice & helps clearing the congestion.