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How often should I replace Contact Lens Cases?

contact lens case

contact lens case

We are very concerned about replacing contact lenses on time for the safety of our eyes. Undoubtedly, this is the best practice but what most of us purposefully neglect replacing is “contact lens cases” & “handling accessories”. As per scientific data collected from different research studies, it is estimated that contact lens cases develop a bio-film over time. It is a slimy gunk that harbors bacteria which may transfer to contact lenses. Failing to replace contact lens cases at the prescribed intervals increases the risk of complications.

How do I Rinse Contact Lens Cases?

As per AOA, you should follow your contact lens solution manufacturer instructions. It is recommended to rinse contact lens cases using multipurpose disinfectant that you use to clean/rinse your contact lenses.

Rinse your cases after you disinfect your finger pads thoroughly with contact lens solution. Throw the solution from the wells of the case and squirt a few drops of disinfectant. Rub it for at least five seconds using your finger pad as adding an extra step of “Rub & Rinse” effectively removes biofilm that is not visible with naked eye. After rinsing contact lens case, fill each of the chamber with disinfectant till the brim. Do same with the lids. Use fresh supply of solution for every new cleansing cycle.

Air dry the cases once they have been rinsed on a flat surface over tissue-paper with faces down and caps off. Never use water to rinse contact lens cases as it contains Acanthamoeba Keratitis that has been linked with causing irreversible vision loss.

How do I Store Contact Lens Cases?

Contact lens cases are prone to contamination. It is important to understand that bacteria grows favourably in humid environment. Thus never handle your lens cases in the bathroom. Avoid storing contact lens case inside bathroom cupboards or where there is enough humidity. The best place to keep your contact lens cases is your dresser top in the room where no direct sunlight reaches. Direct sunlight may cause your contact lenses to fade quickly.

As per AOA, replacing your contact lens case once in every 3 months is the best practise. When buying annual replacement contact lenses, remember to order enough of the lens cases. Need something fancy? Have a look at our lens accessories.