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What Are Circle Contact Lenses? Here Are 6 Cool Facts

What Are Circle Contact Lenses? Here Are 6 Cool Facts

Colored circle lenses are all the rage right now! Designers are definitely thinking out of the box when it comes to creating super stylish contact lenses. Famous celebrities and even influencers have also hopped on the bandwagon, and are now endorsing this trend by glamforming themselves to intensify their stage presence. Not sure what we are talking about? No problem. In this article, we will walk you through and explain what are circle contact lenses and how to differentiate them from normal ones.

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What Are Circle Contact Lenses and Why Are They So Trendy

what are circle contacts

Circle contact lenses, or “big eye’ lenses, are a cosmetic contact lens that aid in making the iris of an eye appear larger than its original form. Based on our research effort, the common size for circle contact lenses range from 14mm to 18mm in diameter.

what are circle contacts

The ‘big eyes’ trend kicked off in the early 2000s and is widely popular among cosplayers and makeup enthusiasts. With these lenses, they get to portray a “kawaii” or cutesy look that is fun and lovable. Circle contact lenses are normally non-corrective and used for accessorizing purposes only. However, only a few optometrists offer prescribed versions so try consulting the ones you know to see if they can cater to your fashionable optical needs.

How do Circle Contact Lenses Differ from Regular Ones?

One of the main differences between circle lenses and regular contact lenses is circle lenses are tinted at parts that cover the iris of the eye, and at the extra-wide outer rim of the lens. The prominent tinting is what enhances the “kawaii” image, creating an illusion of loveable doll-like eyes.

6 Facts How Circle Lenses Differ from Regular lenses.
1. Do Circle Lenses Contacts Comes in a Wide Variety of Choices?

Circle contact lenses are available in a vast variety of colors and designs. There are natural eye color tones, whiteout designs, diamond patters, and so many more! Regular contact lenses, on the other hand, are transparent but still has a mild tint. The reason why it has a tinted effect is to mainly provide visibility of the lens when handling them at any point of time.It Comes in a Wide Variety of Choices

2. Are Circle Contact Lenses Bigger, Bolder, and Better?

For bigger and bolder looking eyes, circle contact lenses is the way to go. With this, it can create intensified looks, accompanied by superb makeup effects. If being artistic is your forte, creating your favorite over-the-top look will be easy with circle contact lenses. Regular lenses, however, do not offer the same eye enlargement effect that circle lenses do.Circle Contact Lenses are Bigger, Bolder, and Better

3. Are Circle Lenses So Be-Youth-ee-Ful?

Circle lenses help to flaunt the limbal ring of the eyes. Limbal rings were more obvious when we were infants but it fades as we age. This effect is awesome because it maintains your youthful image and certainly makes you feel more attractive. Normal contact lenses are plain, therefore it does not have an outer edge that separates the iris from the rest of our eye.So Be-Youth-ee-Ful

4. Are Circle Lenses Different From Normal Contact Lenses?

Normal contact lenses and ‘big eye’ lenses are made using the same type of soft plastic. However, circle contact lenses appear thicker because of the dyes that are used. They are made using a ‘sandwich printing technology’, where the dyed pattern is sandwiched between two different layers of the plastic.Produced Using a 'Sandwich Printing Technology'

5. Do Circle Lenses Contacts Have Longer Disposable Period?

Circle lenses used to come in longer disposable periods such as annual replacement schedules. However, with the improvement of technology, circle lenses are available on a daily, weekly, and monthly disposable period now just like normal clear lenses.
*Please take note that contact lenses are wear & tear, the more frequent you wear, you shall dispose of it in a shorter period of time frame.Longer Disposable Period

6. Available Online for Your Convenience

We guess you are aware that clear contact lenses are readily available at most optical retail stores. As for circle contact lenses, they can be mainly be found online or specially ordered. Feel free to check with your optometrist if they carry this particular range because who knows, they actually might.Available Online for Your Convenience

Conclusion – Versatility at Its best

Circle contact lenses are available in every pattern imaginable. The varieties that they come in are incredible and it instantly spices up your outfit of the day.

The fashion possibilities that colored ‘big eye’ lenses bring are endless. If you are attending a Halloween costume party, an anime fan gathering, a cosplay event at a comic convention, or even a formal black-tie event, you can always don a pair of sclera or dolly circle contact lenses and that completes your look of the day.

Trust us, the simplest accessory can effortlessly help you achieve the look that you are aiming for.

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