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How to Buy Synthetic Wigs according to Face Shape?

synthetic wigs

Good news & bad news- Synthetic wigs are available in innumerable options. This makes finding a wig a very comprehensive choice. After only a thorough research & trying a different hair pieces you will be able to grab a wig that compliments your facial structure. Reduce the likelihood of others spotting you wearing a fake hair unit by investing in a thoughtful purchase. Read & understand your face shape prior to buying synthetic wigs.

Face shape plays a significant role in deciding the length and style of the wig. While some synthetic wigs appear realistic, the others will look noticeably artificial if wrong size is chosen. Synthetic wigs that are too small or too large as per the shape of the buyer’s face, will be a complete wastage of money. Such wigs are uncomfortable, itchy & may even damage your natural hair line. When buying synthetic wigs for a natural appearance, consider the construction of the cap & your facial structure.

4 Different Types of Face Shapes & Choosing Synthetic Wigs

synthetic wigs

1.Oval Shaped Faces:

Oval faces are considered ideal. Almost any style, size & length of wigs will create chic looks. Oval faces are ideally proportioned. Feel free to don whatever you want & create effortlessly modern looks.

2.Diamond Faces

Faces bearing a diamond shape have narrow forehead and are widest at the temples. Broad & high cheekbones with a bony structure call for a wig that adds volume across the forehead to create an illusion of width around this narrow area. Synthetic wigs such as bobs, shoulder-length varieties & wigs with hair tuck behind the ear add volume to the narrow lower area and pointy chin.

3.Square Faces

Square faces have prominent jawline. These faces are characterized by wide forehead and cheekbones. People with square faces want to elongate their faces for a feminine appearance. Synthetic wigs with wispy bangs & feather-y layers help softening the appearance.

4.Pear Faces

Individuals with pear faces are known by narrow forehead and a rounded yet firm chin. The idea to select synthetic wigs for pear faces is to draw attention away from the chin. This can be achieved by wearing synthetic wigs that are short & cropped or wigs with full and angular fringe & bangs. The other option with pear faces is to try wigs that have heavy volume on the crown & closely cropped around the rest of the face.

Even though facial structure plays an important role in deciding your hair style; at the end of day, it should be how you like it. Do not let anything dictate your style unless you are uncomfortable & want to upgrade your persona. Synthetic wigs help you achieve a new alluring look without breaking your bank.