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Travelling with Contact Lenses: How to Clean Hands?


Cleaning hands is always recommended before handling contact lenses to prevent pathogen entering in your eyes. Unclean finger tips can infect contact lenses with microorganism, leading to serious ocular infections. Unfortunately, when travelling; availability of ample water supply is extremely rare, especially if you are hiking or are enjoying a similar adventurous journey into the woods. This however, should not make you compromise on health standards. Read below about the alternate methods of cleaning hands prior to dealing with your prescription contact lenses.

Alternate Methods of Cleaning Hands when Travelling with Contact Lenses

Though the safest and the best method of killing bacteria and removing dirt off your fingers is soap & water; it is often hard to find enough water. However, an eye infection will be the last thing you would ever want. When you find your hands slathered in grime & dirt; it is recommended to first get rid of the slimy dirt you might have got your hands polluted with during jumping hedges, pounds etc. Therefore, we recommend you using whatever is left in your water bottle to meet the needs.

1.Cleaning with a Concentrated Soap

Concentrated soaps are effective in removing the most stubborn stains, bacteria & mud. Instill a few drops on a dry cloth or say a bandanna and rub it along with few drops of water. Wipe your face and your fingers; particularly the finger pads through which you will soon be handling your contact lenses. Splash clean your hands using little quantity of water and pat dry before touching your contact lenses.

2.Using Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer comes handy when travelling. The alcohol content however can burn your eyes off your fingers. Also avoid using sanitizers containing Triclosan- a toxic chemical that is absorbed into the body linked to thyroid & liver toxicity.  Be careful that hand sanitizers do not clean, it just kills bacteria. Aggressively rub your finger pads, followed by dipping the fingers in the water. If water is available in extreme rations than dipping your thumb and index finger in no rub contact lens solution will do.

3.Using Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are multi-purpose so travelers prefer carrying them. Wet wipes are compact and light weight. They are also considered a good fire starter due to the alcohol content. Therefore, tossing them into the fire will also serve a purpose of keeping your bonfire alive! It is advised to go for the unscented versions to prevent attracting wildlife. Be mindful of disposing the wipes carefully to prevent choking among the wildlife.

Instead of throwing the old contact lens solution, utilize it to disinfect/clean your digits by dipping them in. After you are done, dump the solution & refill the chambers again.


Contact lenses are a necessity if you wear them to correct vision imperfection. Glasses are not an option especially when travelling because they keep your hands busy fidgeting. Glasses also do not ensure peripheral vision. Thus, contact lenses are the only medium to correct vision as there would be no more bigger remorse than being in your dreamland and not seeing it. Just take these pointers on cleaning hands thoroughly before wearing & removing your contact lenses.