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Sharingan Contacts – The Best Place to Buy

Whenever the topic of Japanese manga series come up amongst fans, Sharingan will instantly become the main subject of discussion. Sharingan is a capability that reflects special powers within the Uchiha clan. If you’re a true blue Naruto fan, you’ll know that Sharingan cosplay contact lenses is the ‘It’ accessory that brings the whole costume to life. If you’re eager to find out where you can buy Sharingan contacts, we’re able to help you crack the case.

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For Those Who Don’t Know

What is Sharingan? Sharingan is an ability that allows its holder to copy every trick that the enemy makes just by viewing it. Since it’s considered as one of the most powerful strengths in Naruto, Sharingan contacts are always high in demand.

They usually come in bright red, different diameters, and a variety of designs. Then, the difference in designs would help enhance your cosplay look depending on the character you want to dress up as.

The Sharingan look also portrays different stages of power and strength carried by members of the Uchiha clan. In total, there are three stages. After the third stage, the Sharingan form will transform depending on the individuals’ capabilities. These contact lenses are bold and intensely pigmented, holding a strong opacity that can make them look even more robust.

As mentioned in Narutopedia, “The Sharingan grants the wielder two broad abilities: the “Eye of Insight” (洞察眼, Dōsatsugan) and the “Eye of Hypnotism” (催眠眼, Saimingan).[18] Although the abilities are not literally restricted to certain eyes, Madara Uchiha noted that the Sharingan can only be used to its full potential when both eyes are together.”

The Three Developmental Stages of Sharingan

Sharingan has three primary stages that depict the stages of the Sharingan itself.

  • The first stage allows users to mimic both Ninjutsu and Taijutsu perfectly.
  • The second stage lets users copy and dispel the Genjutsu.
  • Lastly, the third and strongest stage with fully activated Sharingan enables users to predict the enemy’s attack tactics through a brief twitching of the muscles.

Madara and Sasuke Sharingan contact lenses are the best-selling in the market because of their Eternal Mangaekyou traits. Mangaekyou is a heightened form of Sharingan. It appears different than the normal Sharingan. This is simply because it allows users to see the real form of all creation without any obstruction.

Also known as a “Kaleidoscope or Copywheel”, the Mangaekyou Sharingan has other variations namely Itachi, Madara, and Sasuke, amongst others.

Where to Buy Sharingan Contacts

Sharingan contact lenses aren’t typically available in high prescription. Only certain optical retailers that specifically offer contact lenses for cosplay purposes may have them readily available.

Our UNIQSO store boasts a vast collection of SFX-colored contact lenses. With a wide selection up to 49 designs, it’s no wonder that the Sharingan contact lens collection is the ultimate bestseller.

Wait no more! Go ahead and browse through the assortment of Sharingan contact lenses with prescriptions that we have to offer. It’ll definitely make head turns during cosplay events. On the plus side, it’ll totally bring you closer to other Naruto fans.

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