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How to Avoid Ripping Contact Lenses – Tips You’ll Need

Contact lens users sometimes struggle with keeping their contact lenses intact. Contact lenses are super delicate so when not handled with care, there is a pretty high chance that they can keep ripping or get stuck in the eyes. If you yourself struggle with caring for your contact lenses, here are four helpful tips to avoid ripping contact lenses. Ready? Let’s dive in.

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

How & Why Contact Lenses Keep Ripping?

Pulling out contact lenses too hard while removing them from the eyes can cause ripping. It could also happen when you’re trying to separate a folded and dried-up contact lens.

Apart from that, there are also other minor causes that most users might oversee.

Handling contact lenses is easy peasy, but then it still requires tender, loving care. However, sometimes we still need a little reminder to go easy on them instead of being too rough. Why? Because even a slight rip on contact lenses can cause major discomfort to the eyes.

Useful Tips To Avoid Ripping Contact Lenses

How to avoid ripping contact lenses

Time needed: 10 minutes

How To Avoid Ripping Contact Lenses

  1. Keep your Nails Trimmed and Perfectly Foiled

    Don’t use your fingernails to remove contact lenses. You have to make sure that your nails are short and don’t have jagged edges.

    Uneven nails with sharp edges can easily tear soft lenses or leave a scratch which can cause discomfort to the eyes that’s similar to a stinging sensation.

    Ignoring ripped or scratched contact lenses can potentially lead to eye damage as well.

  2. Staying Moist is Essential

    Dry contact lenses can eventually lead to damage. It’s advisable to constantly store your contact lenses in solution. Don’t ever think of storing them dry even for one night because it’s just as harmful.

    If your contact lenses dry up while you’re wearing them or when it’s ripped while you have them on, apply some rewetting drops before taking them out so that it doesn’t stick to your eyes as well.

    Remember, never use water to keep your contact lenses moist.

  3. Fill Up Your Contact Lens Cases

    When putting your contact lenses back into their chambers, immediately pour in a generous amount of solution and make sure that the contact lens is slightly floating.

    This ensures that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the case, at the edge, or the lid. If it sticks, it increases the risk of the lenses being scratched.

  4. Consider Opting for Daily Disposables

    If handling contact lenses seem like a chore, it’s okay to switch to daily disposables instead.

    Daily disposables are more hygienic as it requires to be disposed of after every use, making them safer and hassle-free too.

“My Lenses Are Torn! What Next?”

If your contact lenses are torn, scratched or ripped along the edges, stop wearing it immediately. Damaged contact lenses like this can scratch the cornea which ultimately leads to eye injury.

Our eyes are a sensitive organ of the body therefore any tiny issue can cause long term problems.

Torn contacts have sharp edges that can scratch the eye. This can in turn allow bacteria from the contact or eye surface to get under the skin and cause a serious eye infection. Do not use a torn contact lens.

Dr. Andrew Shatz, an expert and certified Ophthalmologist

To Summarize

Wearing torn or ripped contact lenses are not only uncomfortable but could be dangerous for the eyes too. So be sure to handle them with care at all times. If that’s too much work, daily disposables would be the best option.

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