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2B Cosplay with Sweety Edge Grey Contacts & Cosplay Wig

Sweety edge gray 》10/10 because they look sooo natural on my eyes! They are comfortable and look great on blue eyes! Really subtle but still give your eyes that pretty circle lens look you are going for? Honesty perfect for 2b!! (Not sure of they show their color so well on brown eyes, my eyes are blue/gray so they really pop and really blend together)

Cosplay Wig
?Cosplay wig – nabari no ou – korookano shijima》It was a longer wig (like you can see for A2; 3rd picture) and the back of the wig is really full! I would recommand cutting it and using it as a shorter wig because the longer hairs don’t really make sense and are not that thick! It’s a good wig overall and I would recommend it but only if you cut the long hairs out and want to use it as a shorter wig! (white wigs are very tricky and show their nets easily! I used the cut hair from the back to fill it some more!)✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️