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Tifa Cosplay from Final Fantasy

@uniqso review》

Cosplay Wig – LoveLive! Sunshine!! /Kurosawa Dia 》 For Tifa I think this wig is perfect! It is 100cm long, dark brown and the front is already pre-cut ??? you are able to use a straightener on this wig and need only minor styling before use ❤ I would recommend this wig for Tifa but also for Kurosawa Dia :3

Sweety K Blytheye Red 》 I love how bright these red lenses are on my eyes! It looks good with blue eyes as compared to other red lenses ? They enlarge my eyes, the color pops and the are comfortable in my eyes! The only con is that they are very soft and it was hard to get them into my eyes ~ overall they are worth buying, but I wouldn’t recommend them for people who never wore lenses before?