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3 Things you must own if you wear Colored Contact Lenses in Pandemic

colored contact lenses in pandemic
colored contact lenses in pandemic
IRAQ: A woman wearing a protective mask and colored contact lenses holds her cat as she poses for a picture during a protest against corruption in the Iraqi government in the southern city of Basra on Feb. 27.(Hussein Faleh / AFP via Getty Images)

Although colored contact lenses are completely safe to wear in the pandemic, what you must worry about when choosing to wear contacts is your hygiene. By now we are all aware of the fact that coronavirus is a respiratory illness that gets into oneโ€™s body from open inlets i.e. nose, mouth and eyes. The virus can get into your lungs either via breathing in the contaminated air or by physically coming into close contact with a surface/ person carrying the virus. The best you can do in pandemic to save yourself and family is to get back to your basics i.e. keep washing and sanitizing hands before you touch your face or wear colored contact lenses. It has been proved scientifically that possession of these three things also keep seasonal viruses away.

Au Fairy Anti-Bacterial Sanitizing Alcohol wipes

wipe your hands before handling colored contact lenses

It is recommended to wash your hands with soap and water as soap has molecules that are both hydrophilic and lipophilic that thoroughly annihilate the viruses. However, in situations where soap and water is not readily available your best friend is sanitizer with over at least 75% of alcohol. Au Fairy antibacterial sanitizing alcohol wipes clean your hands from germs and visible dirt. Unlike some other gooey sanitizers that leave a slimy layer on your hands, these sanitizing wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs. Furthermore it contains food grade alcohol that is safe for human consumption. Canada just recalled six hand sanitizers found to containing industry grade ethanol. Keep your friends and family safe & use sanitizing wipes instead. ย Also, it is easier to travel with wipes than travelling with inflammable liquid like sanitizer.

Special 3 Ply Face Mask

colored contact lenses and coronavirus

By now all countries have officially released a statement about the importance of surgical mask during pandemic. Some countries have also made it mandatory to wear a surgical mask in the public settings. Although there is an increased shortage of surgical masks whereas an abundance of makeshift masks, it is important to not to ignore what a surgical mask can do and homemade mask cant. Inhaling in the contaminated air put you on the risk of catching Covid-19. Buy a set of 10 disposable 3 ply face masks.

Special Virus Barrier Plus

virus barrier plus colored contact lenses

Keep all kinds of seasonal viruses away by wearing this special multifunctional amulet. Invented by Japanese microbiologists the virus barrier holds world patent and has proved its efficacy. Blocking all germs in 1m radius, special virus barrier has become the need of times especially for children, elderly and everyone suffering from respiratory illness. Designed thoughtfully, you can slide in your identity card so that you never have to worry about carrying your cards separately. What makes virus barrier amazing is its eucalyptus scent that also acts as a wonderful mosquito repellent.

Go out without any fear of coming back home with contracting the harmful virus. As long as you are taking measures to prevent yourself from catching the virus, you are safe to continue wearing/handling colored contact lenses despite the ongoing pandemic.

Colored contact lenses help you maintain crisp visual acuity. They are more comfortable than your fidgeting glasses. Fortunately if you follow hygiene and take preventative measures during pandemic you donโ€™t need to let go of your favorite accessories!