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Things You Should Know Before Buying Colored Contacts (Quiz)

Buying colored contacts is exciting; if you want to experiment with a new color for your eye, you should consider buying colored contacts. If you want to correct your vision or just add some more drama to your eyes, you should prescribe yourself a pair of contact lenses. But wait a minute, here are the things you should know before buying contacts.

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Things you should know before buying colored contacts

1. Prepare Valid Prescription

Colored contact lenses are designed for two purposes, only for cosmetic purposes and for correcting vision. Even if you are purchasing contacts for beauty purposes, you need to have a prescription in the U.S. The FDA has placed contact lenses under the category of medical devices. They can’t be sold in the U.S. without a prescription.

Some online stores are selling contacts without prescription. It is not only illegal but of poor quality. You should not purchase such a sensitive product from an unregistered or unauthorized store. Having a prescription is good for you because it is then made perfectly according to the size of your eye.


2. Know The Specification

If you consider buying colored contacts, you should know their everyday use. It is recommended to soak colored contacts for ample time, say 6-8 hours before the first use. It prevents the storage solution from com in contact with the eyes. For the first time, you should not use colored contacts for more than 2-4 hours so that your eyes may get used to them.

A 12-month replacement is the maximum period of use of colored contact. You should dispose of the contact lens before the expiry date or the replacement period, whichever comes first.

3. Check The Package

When you receive your package, you should make sure that it includes everything you ordered. It is recommended to sanitize your hands, lens case, and the related equipment before use.

4. Hygiene, Hygiene & Hygiene!

Here are some useful guidelines to follow.

  • Wash your hands and nails before using the lens.
  • Avoid touching anything else before wearing contact lenses. You should soak it before use, check the storage solution every once a week, and replace it with a new one once it is expired.
  • Use fresh lens solution every time and dispose of the used one.
  • Don’t share your colored contacts with anyone else, and don’t wear them overnight.
  • Handle with care and use your fingers to wear colored contacts.

5. Know-How To Handle Contact Lenses

Improper wearing and care of colored contacts can damage eyesight. You shall possess the knowledge of how to put on, remove contact lenses, how to store them, how to soak, rinse them, how to maintain them and etc. Also, you need to know the difference between solutions, and eye drops. There are different kinds of solutions and eye drops and they serve different purposes.

If you see any abnormality, you should discontinue wearing lenses and make contact with your doctor.

Test Your Knowledge

We have devised a quick quiz to help you memorize the basic knowledge of colored contacts. Give it a try before you consider buying colored contacts.


Only Contact Lens Wearers Can Pass This Quiz...

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How long do I need to soak contact lenses before first use?

Question Image

2 / 18

How long can I use my contact lenses?

Question Image

3 / 18

How many hours can you wear colored contacts for the first time?

Question Image

4 / 18

What is the first thing you should do when you first receive the contact lenses?

Question Image

5 / 18

How much water content should my contact lenses have?

Question Image

6 / 18

How deep should my base curve be?

Question Image

7 / 18

How to know if your contact lenses are worn the right way?

Question Image

8 / 18

What is the safest way to insert contact lenses?

Question Image

9 / 18

Do you need a prescription before ordering a pair of contact lenses?

Question Image

10 / 18

How to prevent risks of infection with contact lenses?

Question Image

11 / 18

How to know if a contact lens is defective?

Question Image

12 / 18

What do I do if my lenses are defective?

Question Image

13 / 18

What do I do if my contact lenses are uncomfortable? Even if it is not defective.

Question Image

14 / 18

How often should I clean my lens holder?

Question Image

15 / 18

What are the basic rules when wearing contact lenses?

Question Image

16 / 18

If the contact lenses are rinsed thoroughly, I can sleep with it on.

Question Image

17 / 18

How to dispose of contact lenses?

Question Image

18 / 18

How often should you replace the contact lens solution?

Question Image

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