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Lost / Forgot Your Contact Lens Case? Here’s What to Do

Have you ever lost or forgotten to bring your contact lens case or lost your contact lens case cap somewhere? In this blog post, we will explore safe ways to store contact lenses. From temporary storage options to helpful tips for keeping your lenses clean and moist, we’ve got you covered.

Contact lenses are a convenient and popular way to correct vision, but they require proper care and storage to keep them in good condition. Losing or forgetting your contact lens case / cap can be a hassle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t store your lenses safely.

Whether you’re on-the-go or simply misplaced your case, these storage solutions will help keep your contact lenses in tip-top shape.

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Safe Ways to Store Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a popular alternative to glasses for vision correction, but they require proper care and storage to remain safe and effective. One common issue that contact lens wearers face is losing or forgetting their contact lens case or losing the contact lens case cap. This can be a hassle, but there are safe ways to store your contact lenses without a case.

forgot contact lens case how to store

Use a Small Container

Using a small container is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to store your contact lenses without a case. Make sure the container is clean and dry before placing your lenses inside. You can also add some contact lens solution to the container to keep your lenses moist.

Use a Cup or Mug

If you don’t have a container, you can use a cup or mug to store your contact lenses. Again, make sure the cup or mug is clean and dry before placing your lenses inside. Add some contact lens solution to keep your lenses moist.

Use Your Contact Lens Case Cap

If you’ve misplaced one part of your contact lens case, the remaining lid can work as a temporary storage spot. Ensure it’s clean and dry, then place your lenses inside with some contact lens solution.

Use Contact Lens Tweezers

If you have contact lens tweezers, you can use them to hold your contact lenses temporarily. Ensure that the tweezers are clean before using them. Place your lenses on the tips of the tweezers and then place them in a clean and dry container.

Implementing a Glass Cover for Your Lens Caps

From one of the above methods, consider using contact lens cap as a storage solution when your contact lens case is not available. To do this, first ensure that both the caps and a suitable glass are devoid of any water droplets, even the smallest ones. Once your lenses are nestled in the caps, place the glass upside down over them.

This not only helps in slowing the evaporation of the liquid but also effectively prevents any dust particles or flies from contaminating your lenses overnight. This simple yet innovative method provides a safe, temporary haven for your lenses.

Pros and Cons of Each Option

While these options can save the day when you’ve lost your contact lens case, they have their pros and cons. The small container and cup or mug options are readily available, but they’re not specifically designed for contact lens storage, which might lead to lens damage.

Using the case lid or lens tweezers can offer a better fit, but they lack a secure closure, potentially risking lens contamination.

Get a Replacement Case: But Where to Find?

If you lose your contact lens case, it’s important to get a replacement as soon as possible. Contact lens cases are designed to keep your lenses clean and safe, and they are an essential part of contact lens care.

You can buy a new case at a drugstore or order one online from a reputable retailer like UNIQSO.

UNIQSO offers a wide selection of contact lens cases that are affordable and come in various designs and colors. It is essential to choose a case that fits your lenses and is easy to carry around. With a replacement case, you can store your lenses safely and avoid the risk of damaging them.

When choosing a replacement case, look for one that is made of durable materials and has a secure lid to prevent leaks. offers a range of cases that are easy to use and maintain. They also have options for cases that come with a travel kit, which is perfect for those who are always on-the-go.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, while losing your contact lens case can be a hassle, there are safe ways to store your lenses temporarily. Using a small container, cup or mug, or even your contact lens case lid are all viable options.

However, it is essential to keep your lenses clean and moist, and it is always best to get a replacement case to ensure the long-term safety and effectiveness of your contact lenses.

Do you have any other ideas to store your contacts temporarily? Share with us!

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