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Mermaid Queen: Lace Front Blue Wig & Bella Grey Lenses

Sweety Bella grey lenses

Lace Front Blue Wig

Transformations require a lot of struggle, creativity & artistry.ย  For every single makeover, you need not only adequate skills but a list of accessories where your hair & eyes play a defining role. One of our bloggers accepted the challenge of transforming herself into a mermaid for which she trusted our Lace Front Premium Elegant blue wig and Sweety Bella grey circle lenses.

Sweety Bella grey lenses

Lace Front wig boasts an ombre effect with dark roots thatย  create a very well-blended effect with your natural hair. The wig is composed of soft and light weight tresses that are smooth and pleasure to touch. The wig looks enticing when paired with Sweety Bella grey contacts. Get to see the complete look here