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AOA Warns Consumers to Avoid Online Vision Testing

viison testing

Few months back we observed a surge of online vision testing methodologies that claimed to be cost-effective & time saving. An expert would then analyze the test report to issue refractive index prescription for both contact lenses & glasses. American Optometrist Association has now finally broken the silence on the issue by warning consumers against such so called vision tests.

AOA holds reservation on the vision testing methods performed online since it does not include a comprehensive eye examination that takes every minor detail into consideration from family medical history to visual acuity measurements, preliminary tests, eye health examination & dilation and or other additional tests if needed.

On the other hand, yet another advanced mode of vision testing has been made available that is known as Zeiss Vision Testing. It is the modification of the centuries old Snellen Chart that requires you to place your head against the sophisticated frame of computer which analyses the finger print of your eye, allowing the optometrist to judge the prescription as nearest to 0.01 instead of 0.25 as in older eye tests. Zeiss experience has been brought into practice by global optics company Zeiss and roughly requires a duration of 45 minutes to thoroughly test your eyes.

As per experts, it is crucial to get your eyes checked once in two years if not annually. Optometrists suggest to have more frequent eye tests if you have diabetes, or are over 40. Children with vision impairment should also have frequent eye checkups to analyze if their vision is stable, improving or deteriorating.

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