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EOS Fay Brown for Small Asian Eyes


EOS Fay brown are very mild and natural looking circle lenses. They bear 14.5 mm diameter that is just very perfect for small Asian eyes. EOS Fay brown circle lenses exotically accentuate the dark brown eyes & turn them warmer.

EOS fay

“These lens are 14.5mm which is the perfect size for my small Asian eyes.  >_< The enlargement is perfect, not too much nor too little.  I love how natural these lens look!  It does have a dark rim but because it’s a lot thinner than other lens with dark rims it doesn’t give a dolly effect which I love!  The color is just a few shades lighter than my natural dark brown eyes and it blends into it very well.  They’re comfortable to wear and I have no problem with them so far.  Overall I’m wearing these lens everyday left and right because they look super natural.”

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