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Create Korean Schoolgirl Look using Violet CL & Judy Rabbit Cosplay Wig

Look half of your age as Korean women do. The secret is their skin care & beauty regime. They master the skill of doll-ing themselves by the proper usage of circle lenses & synthetic wigs. Contact lenses with a solid outer ring helps you look youthful & energetic. Synthetic wigs further help you look your best by improving the texture of your hair.

Judy Rabbit cosplay wig from Zootopia features hair tied in two ques. The texture is really a pleasure to touch. Since the wig incorporates soft & silky tresses, it stays light on your head. When worn against Barbie Sugar Candy violet, the results you achieve are mesmerizing. These lenses are known to make your eyes look bigger & bolder- just like the eyes of the fantasy characters you see in illustrations of fairy tales.

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