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Pack to Travel: Carrying Contact Lenses & Accessories

packing contact lenses

packing contact lenses

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Airport security is no joke. It is necessary to pack wisely if you wish to pass through the security check without making security officials raise a bow. Since glasses are bulky & prone to damage, travelling with glasses don’t really make the cut. On the other hand contact lenses when accompanied with by accessories in a travel-case prove to be handy that occupies almost zero space in your carry bag.

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How to Travel with Contact Lens Solution

If you are travelling to a destination where you can easily find disinfectant or other solutions that you usually require then cheese! You are covered. Travel with only what you require while you are on board. As per TSA’s guideline you can carry 3 ounce of liquid only in your carry bag. Remember 3-1-1 rule i.e. 3 ounces of liquid, 1 zip lock bag to contain the liquid bottles & 1 plastic bag per passenger. Soft contact lenses tend to dry out faster in dry places. Therefore, you will also be needing eye drops in addition to the contact lens solution.

The rest of the solutions & liquid products you think you might not be needing on the plane, must be kept in your checked baggage.

Solutions & eye drops are easily available in most countries but they will usually be a different brand. It is thus intellectual to carry liquids in the limited quantity. However, people with eye infections who can’t tolerate any other brand than what they are prescribed with, must try packing less quantity of other liquids. Skin care products & toiletries in solid bars will be a good alternate to meet the “3oz liquid restriction”

Pick a Travel Friendly Kit for Contact Lenses

travel kits for contact lenses

Pick a travel friendly contact lens kit that safely accommodates a contact lens case, a forceps, a plunger if you need and a small sized solution bottle that could be refilled when required. Contact lens cases that come with a screw top lids are considered leak-proof than those with hinges. Make sure the cases you rest your lenses in are new & sterilized to reduce the risk of infections.

Refillable small sized solution bottles should be also leak-proof. However, if you have already invested in travel sized kits for contact lenses; you will not need to purchase your refillable solution bottles separately.

Solutions aren’t Medical Necessity

Don’t rely upon the ruling that contact lens solutions are exempt from 3:1:1 as they are classified as a medical necessity. Airport security laws vary drastically and from country to country. It is better to pack ingeniously than having to throw your necessities at the security check.

Always have a Back up

contact lenses in bulk

Soft contact lenses are available in different schedules from daily disposable to monthly and annual. While travelling, the best bet is to carry daily disposables due to the zero maintenance required. However they will occupy more room in your luggage. Keep an extra pair of the disposable contacts in your carry-on bag for an emergency backup. Remaining pairs should be packed in the checked baggage.

Side Note: Always make sure your hands are clean and sanitized before you handle your contact lenses. Use hand wipes or paper soap to wash your hand and get rid of any germs. OR read this to clean your hands properly while you are on board

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