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Everyday Gray Contacts: Sweety Charm Crystal Grey

sweety charm grey eyes

sweety charm grey lenses

There is only a minor difference which creates a boundary between circle lenses and contact lenses. Circle lenses are bigger in diameter and besides changing the color of your eyes, they turn your eyes dolly. Contact lenses on the other hand keep your eyes natural though they will slightly accentuate your eyes. Circle lenses are characterized by the outer dark rim which helps making you look youthful and fresh. Sweety Charm Crystal grey circle lenses with no limbal stay very natural & do least to create an illusion of bigger eyes.

sweety charm grey eyes

They blend seamlessly even against dark brown eyes, so they are very opaque. The pattern is nothing complex hence expect no drama. These grey lenses are ideal for day to day life where you would want a decent pop to your eyes without catching the public attention. Read the detailed review here