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Flaunt your Gothic Side wearing Colorvue Crazy Lens Lunatic


Gothic beauties are always looking for neutral colors & patterns. Colorvue Crazy Lunatic lenses cater to your gothic needs just the way you want. These are strongly pigmented, carrying a very simple & straightforward design with a bold limbal ring. The design elements are incorporated ingeniously which makes these lenses brilliantly bold.

lunatic 2

As you can see the color is so incredibly bright!! It’s almost full coverage so you don’t have to worry about your natural eye color, these lenses will cover it for sure. They’re a bright white color with a huge and detailed black outline I really like! The best thing is they’re prescripted!! You know it’s really hard to find Halloween and Crazy lenses in general with prescription so I’m so happy I finally have them in my lenses collection ๐Ÿ˜€

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lunatic eyes