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Mono Tone Contact Lenses vs Multiple Tones: Brown Eyes

sweety spatax brown

We always find ourselves in a dilemma when choosing contact lenses. From opacity to pigmentation, color combination and design we need to focus on many aspects when its about picking the right pair of colored contacts. Against dark brown eyes, some lenses despite appearing solid in colors may totally blend in whereas lenses that almost appear transparent may make an incredible impact. Sweety Spatax brown lenses carry an ethereal tone that adorn your eyes with a mesmerizing gaze. The lenses blend in effortlessly & look almost natural.  On the other hand, Sweety Eclair blue lenses carry a very spectacularly striking pattern with gorgeously entwined multiple tones. They are pretty opaque where the rainbow tones of blue seem to leave you enchanted. Read the reviews for detailed customer photos and insight on the products.

sweety eclair blue contact lenses

sweety spatax brown