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Nut Brown Ombre wig with Soft Pink Roots

Ombre hair remains the runway look due to the availability of innumerable options. The hair style boasts darker roots that fades into lighter shades of the same hue or different down the mid shaft. This is a low maintenance hair style yet helps making a bold & dominant statement. Lolita wig BZ looks totally alluring with nut-brown roots that fade into soft baby pink towards the tips. The wig is medium length that boasts a notable volume & bounce. Lolita wig BZ incorporates different colored fibers that provide this wig an enchanting unique look; you can’t get by dying your hair. Why damage your hair when there are more versatile options available with synthetic heat resistant wigs?

Depending on the lights, the wig may look slightly different than what it looked in the broad day light. Check out photos here of Lolita wig BZ