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Contact Lenses: Are Online Vision Tests Comprehensive Enough?

online vision test

online vision test

Online vision test is a new trend- both convenient & pocket friendly. Without leaving the comfort of your home, online vision tests make renewing contact lens & glasses prescription easier. The findings based on the online tests are analysed by a licensed eye care practitioner before you could be issued a prescription. Although online vision test is not classified as a comprehensive eye exam, the results it concludes is accurate when defining a refraction for vision correction. It determines a fraction to correct myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism.

How does Online Vision Test Work?

Online vision tests is the need of time. Keeping a pace with todayโ€™s fast changing world, online vision tests make use of advanced technology. All you need is 20 minutes, a smart phone & a laptop. The screen of your laptop will run a number o9f tests that requires you to read what appears on the screen at different distances. After the test is done, your results are sent to a licensed ophthalmologist for prescription of glasses & contact lenses. Since online vision test does not issue prescription to new patients, you will have to wear your prescription contact lenses or glasses while you take the test.

Are Online Vision Tests Recommended?

Online sight tests does not replace patient-doctor relationship. Although telehealth has made accessing diagnostic tools possible in remote areas while also reducing health care visits and costs; it is recommended to have a comprehensive eye exam at least once in every 2 years. Online refraction test or sight test does not examine the health of your eyes that is done only during an annual visit to your eye doctor. Learn the difference between an eye care exam and vision test. Furthermore, online vision test such as Govisibly does not provide prescription to new patients or to patients who are under 18 years and above 55 years. ย Patients with severe complications are also directed to the nearest eye clinic.

Are Online Tests Expensive?

GoVisibly tests is cost-effective. To renew your prescription it costs you only $35 for prescription of contact lenses & glasses. Spend $50 & get a prescription for both eye glasses & contact lenses issued by a practicing eye doctor in your region. The test is available in 34 US states currently.

Remember, GoVisibly online test does not replace a comprehensive eye exam.ย with the help of your local eye doctor it only renews your prescription that expires a year after it has been issued.