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Wig Tutorials: Creating Retro Hair Style using Platinum Gold Synthetic Wig

There are more than one reason that why fashion-crazy people rely on synthetic wigs than human hair. Today’s synthetic wigs are not only closer to human hair locks but also enjoy an extra edge. Unlike human hair wigs synthetic wigs are good at keeping the memory of the factory built style even after several washes. One can be ore creative with synthetic wigs, provided they are longer and voluminous like Fighting Boat/Shimakaze cosplay wig. Get into a killer look keeping your entire look charming. Pairing this wig with natural look Sweety Batis grey makes ย mesmerizing portrait beauty.

The wig is platinum blonde with a lot of hair strands. The wig being long and thick allows effortless styling. It is good at holding curls & remain flattering no matter how you style & trim it.

Review courtesy of Porcelain-Panic