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5 Frightening Myths about Doll Contact Lenses

doll contacts
Doll Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are handiest when it comes to vision correction. They are classified as prosthetic medical devices- yes even the soft cosmetic doll contact lenses. Medical experts are already working on new treatments to make wearing contact lenses a better experience for everyone with even complex ocular imperfections. Doll contact lenses along with correcting your vision make your eyes look bigger, wider & awakened. However, the following 5 frightening myths intimidate consumers unnecessarily. If some overheard myths are keeping you from doll contact lenses, then fret not. Let us help you explaining how these myths are nothing more than hoaxes.

Myths Forcefully Fed into the Minds about Doll Contact Lenses

doll eyes
Doll Contact lenses
  1. I will never be able to wear them

Totally wrong. Anyone can wear doll contact lenses, even if the previous experiences were a fail. Advancement in technology has made better penetration of contact lenses possible. Now just about everyone can wear contact lenses. For instance bifocal lenses for presbyopia and toric contact lenses for astigmatism.

2.Doll contact lenses will get lost behind my eye

They are bigger in diameter. Consumers fear they will roll up and get lost behind eye that is nothing but an irrational fear. There is a thin layer of conjunctiva covering the inner socket that makes it impossible for a lens to get trapped behind.

3.Doll contact lenses are uncomfortable

Doll contact lenses are made from the same material, regular contacts are made from. Recently, new materials have surfaced that are more comfortable. Advanced hydrogel material is a water loving plastic that keeps them hydrated & moist in your eyes.

4.They will get permanently stuck to my eyes

Partially true. Contact lenses can stick to your upper eye lids or on your iris when get dried. However, lubricating them using sterile solution or eye drops will re moisten to get them moving again.

5. Doll contact lenses are too expensive

Contact lenses bought online cost you less than a regular set of frames. Due to the mass consumption, huge reduction in prices has been observed. Daily contacts that were once considered a luxury are now in everyoneโ€™s reach costing about a dollar per day.

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Whilst the myths prevalent about circle contacts are not deeply rooted, there are some considerations you must be careful about. Since contact lenses are the most counterfeited product, make sure you purchase yours from authentic vendors only. Fake contact lenses can cost you more than you think- you may even lose your vision. Better safe than sorry- get your doll contact lenses with fair return policy at free international shipping today.*