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4 Tips to Maintaining Lolita Wigs in winter: Synthetic Wigs for Women

how to wash lolita wigs for women


Synthetic wigs for women are perfect alternative hair. It is always fun to wear Lolita wigs whether they are sported to conceal the thinning of hairline or for just adding to the everyday style. Synthetic wigs are known to warm up your body temperature thus in winter they are a good replacement of bulky hats. Wigs for women that incorporate synthetic hair usually last a year or more, when taken proper care of. If you have already found a dream wig & are obsessed flaunting it; here are five tips to keep it looking new even in colder months when the ice & snow makes survival harsher.

1.Lolita Wigs: Keep your Hair Pieces Moisturized

wig moisturised

It is crucial to keep your synthetic Lolita wigs well moisturized. Snow, ice & cold winter season turns synthetic fibers very brittle & hard. It is wise to keep your head covered with a beanie or a scarf when wearing extensions/synthetic wigs outside home. Use conditioner & shampoos, specifically formulated for synthetic wigs. This keep wigs soft & prevent fibers from being tangled.

2.Lolita Synthetic Wigs: Washing & Rinsing Lolita Wigs way too often

how to wash lolita wigs for women

You donโ€™t need to wash & rinse your synthetic wigs every now & then. Synthetic Lolita wigs are delicate fake hair that require moderate rinsing. Washing your fake hair unit way too often will reduce the life by making it look dull, faded & frizzy. If you ought to wash your wig, pay attention to air dry it completely before you pull it again on your scalp. Wearing a synthetic Lolita wig that is still damp or wet makes hair strands vulnerable to freezing & breaking. To prevent this malfunction, wash your wig in the evening or at least a day before, you intend to wear your Lolita wig.

3.Keep your Lolita Wig Tangle-Free

Tangle free wigs for women

Donโ€™t mindlessly throw synthetic wigs after coming back from a party. Key to keep wigs looking new is to maintain good hygiene & proper care. A tangled wig is prone to frizzy fibers that make it a pain to manage. Use a wide-toothed comb, designed to treat wigs for women or additionally try a detangling spray. Using detangling spray softens the wig fibers & make it easier to style Lolita wigs.

4.Invest in Humidifier


Just like you prevent your synthetic Lolita wigs from scorching rays of sun by wearing a wide brimmed hat in summer, you need to protect it in winter from lack of moisture. Heating turns indoor air dryer that damages the wigs faster than you could expect. Wig experts advise to invest in a humidifier to regulate the adequate amount of moisture in the surroundings. When you put your wig off or when you intend to air-dry your wig after a quick rinse, let it rest on a wig stand in the same room as humidifier. Not only your synthetic wig dries quickly but the humidifier will help sealing-in the available moisture.

How do you like to wear Lolita wigs in winter? Ever thought of accentuating the narrow details found in Lolita wigs, for instance; braids, using bold & bright colorful flowers?