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Get Free UNIQSO Contact Lenses for Christmas Stocking Stuffers

contact lenses gift box

Christmas stocking stuffers are usually inexpensive & last minute gift picks. They are secondary to the main gifts but add a great aesthetic value to your interiorโ€™s main attraction. They may be a collection of receiverโ€™s favorite tidbits. Despite being inexpensive, stocking stuffers may make one of the best thoughtful Christmas gift. Say no to boring scarves & candies stocking stuffers. This year be a bit more personal by creating bespoke stocking stuffers using FREE contact lenses & other related accessories.

A cozy fireplace decorated with stocking stuffers, overflowing with the festive goodness ensure a spirited & fun feel. UNIQSO is giving away FREE pair of contact lenses this Christmas with every one pair purchased to help you concoct your stocking stuffers priceless-ly. Get a pair of contact lenses to celebrate the family festival & surprise your friend by a unique stocking stuffers, containing contact lenses, related accessories & other girly items that are on SALE for a limited time period.

contact lenses gift box
Christmas gift box containing stocking stuffers

DIY Christmas Stocking Stuffers Pricelessly with Contact Lenses

Create an effortless version of stocking stuffers by collecting the goodness from UNIQSO. Remember the thumb rule; the more you shop the more you save? Below we are sharing some stuffing ideas that are available at gift prices

Items you require to stuff your stockings with


  1. Contact lenses packed in a UNIQSO festive box (Place an order for yourself & get a pair of contact lenses free for your friend)
  2. Additional pairs of circle lenses available on 50% & 20% discount
  3. Skincare & other makeup accessories available on 10% discount
  4. Contact lens solution & festive cases
  5. And a Teddy bear that you get for free when you place an order above $70

Enjoy the huge Year End+ Christmas Sale. These awe inspiring stocking stuffers will leave your friends overwhelmed with joy & pleasure. Add warmth to your mistletoe & main attractions of home by decorating them with these hanging contact lens stocking stuffers at no price!