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Removing Scars through Korean Skin Care Products: Guerisson9 Complex Horse Oil Cream


Chemical structure of horse oil is closest to that of human sebum. This makes it a feasible ointment for topical treatments. Horse oil has long been used as a home remedy to treat scars, inflammation, dryness, wounds, cuts, sun burns, chapped lips etc. Recent studies have shown that quick penetration of horse oil into human skin facilitates healing & induce recovery at a comparatively faster pace. Though removing surgical scars is almost impossible; horse oil products such as Guerisson 9 complex cream can eventually fade surgical marks. Guerisson 9 Complex Horse Oil cream is a Korean skin care product that has shown significant results when used regularly to remove acne & stretch marks.

How Guerisson9 Complex helps in Scar Removal?

Scars that are resulted by surgeries are here for life time. To be very particular, using over the counter gels may help you slightly fading the inflammation but they won’t be removed forever. Contradictorily, Korean skin care & beauty products always stun the world. Guerisson9 Complex cream containing horse oil, has shown proven results in scar removal. It has even been effective to treat scars caused by cesarean sections.

Korean Skin Care: Benefits of Horse Oil

  1. Anti-Oxidant: Horse oil contains vitamin E that is a fat soluble vitamin & acts as an anti-oxidant
  2. Highly Moisturizing: Must-have winter staple. It penetrates deep into skin layers and acts like human sebum. This heals wounds faster & keep skin nourished.
  3. Medicinal Properties: Horse oil carries immense medicinal properties from treating minor cuts & wounds to relaxing stiff muscles
  4. Strengthens Skin: Improves elasticity & strengthens skin. Highly nourishing & safe enough to be used by babies.

Horse Oil & Korean Skin Care

History of using horse oil in medicines & skin care products is nothing new. It dates back to 16thcentury where Chinese would keep this oil extracted from horse mane, tail’s base & subcutaneous layer of the skin at home to meet first-aid emergencies. Both dermatologists & beauticians are at the same fence about horse oil’s benefits on human skin.

Korean beauty enthusiasts are famous worldwide to draw the goodness from everything organic. From snake’s venom to snail extract, cosmetologists don’t fear introducing just anything under the sun into Korean skin care products. Probably this is the reason why Korean goddesses always flaunt impeccably beautiful skin that glows rosy.  There are various Korean skin care brands that boast skin friendly concocts made from horse oil, but Guerisson9 complex seems to be the most raved about product of the recent past in Korean history. The soaring publicity of the cult product has sparked innumerable fake counterparts of the brand which contains unknown & harmful ingredients. Before purchasing a unit, be careful you are buying from a genuine seller.

Horse oil Guerssion 9 complex scar removal Korean skin care cream

Seeing is believing. Try for yourself & we warn you will be worshiping the secret formula of Guerisson 9-complex horse oil cream that claims to rejuvenate, smoothens & softens skin while lightening the hyper-pigmentation & reducing the appearance of fine lines.