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Be a Babe with Sweety Ocean Grey Lenses & Reverse Balayage Grey wig

balayage grey hair

balayage grey hair

Mother nature keeps the balance & harmony maintained. No matter what your color or race is, you will always be blessed with the best of beauty. Blondes have lighter eyes and lighter skin & hair color to prevent any drastic and shocking looks. Same goes with Afro goddesses. Taking inspiration from nature, you can always keep a balance when you switch between different makeup looks. For instance, try matching your hair color with your eyes and you will be stunned seeing your reflection. This Premium Reverse Balayage grey wig features soft romantic curls. The dark roots softly turn lighter into grey which then fades into teal grey at tips. Pair it up with Sweety Ocean grey contacts for an enticing appearance. The lenses are known for how natural yet striking they are!

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