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Can I wear Toric Contact Lenses to Correct Astigmatism than Glasses?

toric contact lenses

toric contact lenses

Most of the people are wrongly convinced that only glasses correct Astigmatism. Today, contact lenses are equally good and some patients even find contact lenses providing more benefits over glasses. Astigmatism is a refraction error caused by an irregularly shaped cornea. Unlike spherical contacts, toric contact lenses are cylindrical in shape that help light rays collect at a focal point to prevent blurred vision that is common with astigmatism.

Astigmatism: Glasses Vs Toric Contact Lenses

Eye Glasses                          Contact Lenses
1.       The distance between lens and the eye creates distortion

2.       Poor peripheral vision

3.       Constant awareness of frame, edges and weight that make glasses very uncomfortable

4.       Glasses fog up with changes in temperature

5.       Glasses are unnatural & damage your looks. This is why not everyone finds eyeglasses very appealing

6.       Fashionable sunglasses are not an option when wearing glasses

7.       Same pair of glasses do not compliment just every outfit. You will be needing several pair of glasses to suit evening attire and casual dresses

·         Toric contact lenses sit directly on the surface of the cornea ensuring crisp vision

·         Enhanced peripheral vision allowing wider range of vision

·         Contacts are weightless & remain comfortable throughout

·         Toric contact lenses remain unaffected no matter how worse is the weather.

·         Toric contact lenses are also available in clear and colored variety. They complement all outfits

·         With correction contacts, you can wear sunglasses of your choice without any unease

·         Toric contact lenses are favorite among athletes as they don’t fidget during sport activities

Which Lenses are best for Astigmatism?

Some patients do not require specialized contacts for treating Astigmatism. However, patients with pronounced astigmatism require toric contact lenses. Unlike spherical contacts, toric lenses do not have uniform prescription but varying powers at all meridians. The shape of toric contact lenses is cylindrical hence they require a cylindrical value to fix astigmatism.

Which Wearing Pattern of Toric Contact Lenses is best for me?

Toric contact lenses are available in varying wearing patterns from daily to biweekly and monthly. Only your doctor will be able to suggest you the best lenses as per your lifestyle, budget & sensitivities. All big names manufacture premium quality toric contact lenses providing crisp and stable vision with comfortable wear throughout the day.

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