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Can I Reuse Daily Disposable Contact Lenses?

daily disposable contacts

daily disposable contact lenses

Do not be confused with daily wear lenses and daily disposable contacts. There is a difference between “wearing schedule” & “replacement schedule”. While daily wear lenses can be worn from 2 weeks to a month & up to a year during day, daily disposable contact lenses are designed for single use and are meant to be discarded after.

Reusing daily disposable contact lenses means bacterial accumulation & risk of infections which may lead to irreversible vision loss & ocular complications such as corneal abrasions etc. Discard them even if you wear them for a few hours as they are made from thinner material and can’t withstand disinfecting & regular rinsing.

Can Everyone Wear Daily Disposable Contact Lenses?

Yes, probably everyone can, unless they require complex prescription to correct refraction error. Since daily disposable contact lenses are made from thinner material they are not available for every prescription. Daily disposable are appropriate for patients with sensitive eyes, with active life pattern or for people who wear lenses occasionally.

Are Daily Contact Lenses Expensive?

The difference is comparable with biweekly and monthly disposable. Yet, not to forget that lenses other than daily disposable add up to the cost as they require disinfecting solution & accessories.

Why wear Daily Disposable Lenses?

Save Time: You do not need to spend time every day rinsing & cleaning your lenses. Just pop open a fresh pair every day & discard at night.

Reduce Allergies: Daily disposable contacts are great for patients prone to catching allergies. Conventional contact lenses collect suspended irritants from environment and contribute to seasonal allergies. To reduce contamination, it is better to use daily disposable lenses instead.

Great for Beginners: If you are just making a major switch from glasses to contacts, we recommend you start your journey with daily disposable contact lenses. They require zero maintenance & need you not to worry about remembering replacement schedule. Although you need to buy more lenses than you would buy otherwise, daily disposables are the most convenient type of disposables.