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Daily Disposable Vs Monthly Disposable Clear Contacts

Daily Disposable Clear Contact Lenses

Daily Disposable Clear Contact Lenses

The best thing about contact lenses is the freedom of wearing them for varying lengths of time. Daily disposable clear contacts are worn & discarded every day whereas biweekly and monthlies last you longer needing every day maintenance. Choice between the two depends on oneโ€™s personal preference, lifestyle & type of vision correction required.

Shall I get Daily Disposable Clear Contacts or Monthly Disposable?

Consider Prescription:

Dailies are the most popular contact lenses due to the crisp vision correction they offer. Requiring no maintenance, the lenses are perfect for patients with active life style such as athletes or globe trotters. The most important factor to take into account when choosing between the two is your prescription. Since daily disposable clear contacts are made from thinner material, not all prescriptions are available in dailies. For complex vision correction needs such as astigmatism or multi focal, you better fall for monthly disposable clear contacts.

Consider Life Style:

Working in controlled environment give you more grip on handling & maintaining your vision with contacts. If you work in an office where you have room & space to deal vision correction contacts then monthly disposable will be the right fit for you. Patients with dry eyes also find monthlies better as they are made from thicker material and are able to retain moisture to keeping your eyes hydrated.

Consider Cost:

Although dailies could be slightly more expensive than monthlies because more material goes in manufacturing them, daily disposable clear contacts are generally considered the most hygienic & ideal contacts for patients with sensitive eyes. On the other hand, not to forget that monthly clear contacts also include the cost of disinfecting solutions, cleaning kits & lens cases. It adds up to the cost even more if you need to travel with your monthly disposables in the form of purchasing lens travelling kit.


Usually it is just a matter of personal preference unless you find one providing better vision than the other due to your complex prescription. Daily disposable clear contacts could be pricier as you need to purchase them more frequently. Monthly and biweekly clear contacts however provide the facility of extended wear for straight 30 days & nights without having to take them out.

Canโ€™t make a choice? Talk to your doctor as you both together can find a better option. Note that daily disposables are becoming an increasingly popular alternate due to ease, convenience & comfort they provide at a nominal price difference than their monthly & biweekly counterparts.