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Bright & Bold Crazy Green Lenses: Sweety Crazy Lens Vampire Green

l  t has a very vibrant green color! It covers your eyes perfectly even if you have lighter or darker eyecolor. But be careful, due to the plainnzess of the lenses, it kinda looks unnatural and very cartoon-ish sometimes, but if you prefer this look, it’s perfect!.

The wig was just like the pictures on UNIQSO’s website, which is pleasant! I didn’t even had to cut it, since it was already in a good length for my Ash cosplay. The wig is 100% heat resistant, and it has high quality fibers so you can style it as you want. I only styled the bang part, but if you don’t do anything with it it’s already perfect in it’s original shape. If you worry if it fits over super long thick hair too, you don’t have to be afraid because the wig cap is adjustable.