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Can Cosplay Color Contacts make me Blind?

Cosplay Contacts

Cosplay contacts are type of special effect lenses that help you create an illusion of unworldly eyes. Getting into your favorite anime character is not otherwise possible. Fortunately, todayโ€™s cosplay contacts are considered very different from what they used to be. They are safer, reliable and comfortable as they are manufactured in state of art laboratories under stringent laws. Although novelty contacts are part of costume, it is strictly forbidden by FDA to purchase them over-the-counter as they are actually medical devices that need consultation before you could opt to wear them.

Wearing cosplay contacts could be putting you at risk of contracting several infections but you can minimize the risks by obtaining your cosplay contacts from reputable sellers or via your eye doctor. Although they are novelty and might not need prescription consultation from an eye doctor is crucial. He is the only person to examine your eyes and study the tear chemistry in order to conclude whether or not your eyes can safely tolerate cosplay contacts.

What are Cosplay Contacts and How do they Work?

Cosplay Contacts

Cosplay contacts make use of 100% opaque pigments that mask your natural eye color completely. They are safe to wear provided they are sourced from legitimate supplier & are taken care of meticulously. Although they cover your iris and in some case the area beyond the iris i.e. sclera of your eye to create a truly haunting look, the centre of the lens (pupil) is kept transparent to help you see through the lens.

With an array of crazy designs available, it is now possible to create bewilderment and leave everyone dumbstruck. Create wild eyes, cat eyes or be a thunder woman; novelty contacts have made it all possible and affordable. Novelty and SFX contacts are available with or without prescription so people with just any type of refraction error can wear the lenses without any problems. However, if you find any abnormalities it is recommended to take them off.

Remove your contacts if you find the following symptoms

  1. Excessive tearing or redness of eyes
  2. Inflammation of eyes
  3. Any unusual sensitivity with light
  4. Itching and irritation
  5. Blurred or hazy vision

Cosplay contacts are very safe these days. Make sure you do not buy them from cheap Halloween stores, beauty salons and flea market. Bacterial infection from substandard contacts could lead to severely intimidating results that develop too quickly to be identified and treated. Protect yourself from horrendous aftermath and wear only quality cosplay contacts sold by legit retailers or your eye doctor.