Creepy Cute Halloween Look Featuring EOS Crazy White Mesh Lenses

EOS screen lenses

EOS screen lenses

With Halloween lenses the ideas to be creative are infinite. Sport a pair of crazy lenses & frighten everyone who comes in your way with your demonically possessed eyes. EOS Crazy white mesh/screen lenses drench out the soul from within you like a dementor’s suck & leave you with a pair of inhuman dead eyes. These white mesh screen lenses cast a lifeless effect as that of a cyborg and are indicative of a zombie apocalypse.

White Mesh EOS Screen Lenses

If you are not much into SFX makeup; fret not! With EOS Crazy lenses you can have gruesome gazes with minimal efforts. Wear a long sleek black wig against mesh screen lenses & apply a lip rouge. This Halloween look will make you look like Evil Samara from “The Ring Two” effortlessly.