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Be a Doll with Circle Lenses: Geo Xtra WIA25 for Light Eyes

grey WIA25 contact lenses

grey full WIA25

Ever heard of dolly contact lenses? They feature no rocket designs to your surprise. Let us clarify it once and for all that any lenses with a very solid limbal ring could be characterized as dolly contacts. Take Geo Xtra WIA25 as an example. These lenses carry no narrow details orย  acomplex pattern- the only thing that sets them a apart is how interesting is the outer ring. Followed by an inner grey ring that helps the lenses blend flawlessly with your light grey eyes. As a result, you get huge and awakened dolly eyes that almost look natural. Got light grey eyes? Try Geo Xtra WIA25 to be the show stopper!

grey WIA25 contact lenses