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Vampire Queen Cosplay: Krul Tepes Cosplay Wig

Krul Tepes wig

Krul Tepes wig

Krul Tepes cosplay wig is 90cm long with thick fibers. The wig comes unstyle giving you freedom to trim/cut the bangs as per your desired length. Krul Tepes wig is a beautiful dusty pink color that may seem to have different under tones in varying lights. The wig comes in 3 pieces i..e base wig and the pony tails- you choose to wear with the pony tails or without. Krul Tepes wig is perfect for several other cosplays having pink hair. The wig has long smooth and straight tresses that boast zero shine.

Super fluffy and heat resistant wig is easy to comb and style due to the high quality fibers it is made of. The wig does not tangle or shed hair unnecessarily. Read detailed review of Krul Tepes wig here