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How to Get Free Trial Contact Lenses Online?


If you are looking for free trial contact lenses online then there is a strong probability that you are soon to switch from spectacles to glasses. Prescription contacts are cheaper than conventional glasses as they are available in wide variety of options today than ever before. Though finding a free trial pair of contact lenses online is almost impossible; there are some retailers  that allow you to avail limited free trial services when you place an order with them.

Grabbing Trial Contact Lenses Online

Before placing your request for trial contact lenses online, please ask yourself the two following questions.

  1. Do you just want to know how the specific pair of contacts will turn out on you? Are you just interested in checking out the certain color of contact lenses against your eye color?


                2. Are you certain on getting a particular pair of contacts, no matter how it ends up on you? If you are eyeing at a specific pair of contact lenses online due to your cosplay/Halloween requirement then chances are you have already compromised whether or not they coordinate with your personality & style. You would however want to test the lenses prior to actually purchasing your cosplay contacts as they are expensive & may cost you a fortune. Since visual acuity is somewhat compromised with opaque & cosplay contacts, you can therefore grab the opportunity & place your request for trial contact lenses online.

How to Place a Request for Free Trial Contact Lenses Online?

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Most of the suppliers provide a free trial lens when you place your order with them for a pair or more of contact lenses online. This way you don’t only save the shipping expense but also get one lens for your trial in the same order that you have already placed. The other times, you can get a free trial lens by paying the shipping cost.


Please ensure you have had your eyes tested just recently before placing your order for contact lenses online. Even though online sellers do not require you to show your prescription, it is in your own interest to respect the advises from eye experts. Contact lenses should only be tried after having a valid & updated prescription.