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How to Flatten the Curve of Covid-19 with Hygiene?

covid infographic

covid infographic

You can contract COVID-19 through eyes of an infected person. Tears & eye fluids are potential carriers of the virus. Stock up on daily disposable contact lenses & disinfect them thoroughly using multi-purpose solution and an ultrasonic lens cleaner.

What is Coronavirus & How it spreads?

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COVID-19 is an incredibly contagious respiratory tract infection where lungs are drowned by the fluid flowing in. The symptoms resemble common cold & flu leading to headache, mild fever, trouble breathing, and chest pain along with palpitations. Basically it spreads with mucus of the infected person. It may come through ears, mouth, nose or eyes. Sanitize your hands frequently when soap and water is not available and use anti-bacterial wet wipes to maintain sanitation & hygiene.

What you must DONโ€™T

  1. Do not rub your eyes and do not touch your face.
  2. Do not bite your nails. We understand the temptation is real but struggling is worth it.
  3. Do not PANIC.
  4. Do not panic buy face masks as wearing just a mask doesnโ€™t promise you iron-clad protection. Panic buying puts health care at risks since this limits the availability of protective gear to healthcare professionals and doctors.

What you must DO

  1. Avoid close contact. Sneeze in tissue & wash hands after immediately. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Do not rub eyes.
  2. RELAX
  3. 80% of the reported cases are mild.
  4. 93% patients have recovered to date whereas death toll has been 7% around the world.
  5. Kids and elderly over age 60 are vulnerable to COVID-19 due to weakening immune system. Although it is contagious; with hygiene, isolation & self-care you can keep yourself protected.