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Is it Possible to Wear Contact Lenses & Glasses Together?

glasses and lenses

Even though contact lenses are considered comfortable than glasses; there are certain conditions where you would want to wear both glasses and contact lenses together. There may be cosmetic reasons or vision disorders such as presbyopia or astigmatism for wearing glasses over prescription contact lenses.

As long as cosmetic reasons are involved; you need not to take special measures. Since you can always make a combination of faux glasses over prescription contact lenses or vice versa. Some people fall for “Geek look” so they would want to pair their prescription colored contact lenses with faux glasses or vice versa.

It is of course completely safe to wear glasses over contact lenses depending on your prescription. You can have spectacles when you wish to read magazine or newspaper whereas contact lenses in prescription for distance vision. Generally speaking people find no problems wearing glasses over contact lenses but before you take a move, consider talking to your doctor. Some patients find it uncomfortable to wear both together due to the eye strain & clash in prescriptions. An ophthalmologist will be assessing your eyes to determine what prescription your glasses should be with contact lenses for the best corrected vision.