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Korean Skin Care Alphabet Creams: BB & CC Cream

BB & CC cream by Skin79 Korean skin care brand

Every single skin care product that carries the flag of Korea is miraculous. Irrespective of your age or how much damage your skin has been through, Korean skin care products hold the abilities of resurrecting it. The famous alphabet creams are both marketed for different skin concerns but an average consumer, find them nearly the same. The difference is really subtle & varies from brand to brand which makes it difficult for a beginner to make a selection. BB creams work as a foundation with added skin care benefits whereas CC cream is an advanced version of the same product that treats uneven skin tone & improves the texture.

Korean Skin Care Alphabet Creams: Should I begin with a BB Cream or a CC?



As tough as it sounds. There is no crisp answer because it depends on user’s own preferences. A BB cream provides sheer coverage & comes packed with the richness of UV interception. On the other hand a CC cream is a color corrector that conceals the imperfections.

  1. Korean skin care BB creams are like tinted moisturizer that are lighter than your regular foundation but heavier in coverage than a tinted moisturizer.
  2. BB creams coming from Korean skin care range revolves around triple action formula i.e. skin lightening + UV interception + wrinkle reduction. On the other hand CC creams are heavier and have a whipped cream consistency that changes its color to match wearer’s.
  3. Though a Korean BB cream help you replace a handful of other products from your moisturizer to foundation & sunblock, it is said to not to solely rely on an average BB cream if you are after the strong UV interception. To fill this gap, Korean skin care brands launched improved version of a BB cream i.e. CC cream with enhanced focus on skin care benefits, particularly higher SPF.
BB & CC cream by Skin79 Korean skin care brand
BB cream applied over CC cream

Both BB & CC cream provides natural coverage with skin care benefits. However with a Korean skin care BB cream you can buildup layers to attain a heavy coverage. Whereas CC cream by Korean skin care brands conceal the imperfections such as targeting redness and sallowness. Since Korean skin care industry is always prolific with research & new products, it should not come as a surprise to keep seeing yet another product to target a single issue. DD creams have already joined the battle, let’s wait until we find a promising Korean skin care brand to share the results with you.