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How to Make Cheap Wigs Last Longer?

cheap wigs

cheap wigs

Price of a product should never decide the quality of a product. If you are careful enough to make the best of your product; you will certainly enjoy using it the longest. It may be little difficult to use cheap wigs multiple times but with little care and effort you can make your hair unit last you longer than your expectations. Handling your wig gently matters the most โ€“ use products that are only meant for synthetic wigs.

Taking Care of Cheap Wigs

First things first. You need to purchase wig care accessories right when you buy wigs. With cheap wigs you need to be more careful unless you have purchased a disposable unit meant for one-time-use such as for a novelty performance at a Halloween event.

  1. Always detangle your wigs from bottom to top. Combing in reverse order helps prevent hair fall out of your cheap wigs. Avoid using a brush meant for human hair as it may cause knots in the fibers. Your only choice for combing cheap wigs should be a static free wired wig brush or comb with rotating metal pins.
  2. Always detangle wigs before immersing it in a wig wash solution. Make sure your unit is free from knots & ties. Rinsing in a wig solution i.e. water + wig shampoo will help clearing debris (product built up โ€“ styling mousses, wax, glue & glitter etc). Here is how you wash synthetic wigs
  3. Never wring cheap wigs after washing. Doing so will deform the wig & it will dry funny. Let it lay down on a flat surface between the layers of absorbent towels and let it air dry. After the water stops dripping, you can let it dry either on a Styrofoam head or a wig stand to help it reverse back to its factory style.
  4. Synthetic wigs are manufactured with memory fibers. These wigs will get back to the same style, shape and bounce that they had when were manufactured unless reheated for straightening or curling. Cheap wigs however may lose it over time with washing & frequent styling.
  5. Wigs perform well up to 20-25 wears unless you use your wigs frequently or on daily basis. If you do not make use of styling products your wigs will certainly stay neat for a longer time otherwise you would notice the fibers of cheap wigs turning clingy & or spikey. In such cases wash it after a dozen wears.
  6. Conditioning cheap wigs keep them looking new. Prepare a fabric softener+ water solution and use a spray bottle to de-frizz cheap wigs. The light airy mist will cast a healthy shine to the synthetic fibers with a light scent to keep you feeling fresh when you slip the wig on.

Storing Cheap Wigs

Even the cheap wigs when stored carefully will stay new for a dozen wears or more. Store your wigs in wig net and in the packaging it comes in. If you like to wear wigs daily for alternative styles, you can keep them hanging on a wig stand or get yourself a rack. Let the wigs hang loosely on hooks in your closet. You are done with what a wig calls for! Relax and enjoy wearing a new style every day with our top quality wigs. Buy wig accessories set for only $7.90.