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Mistakes Everyone Makes with Colored Contacts

colored contacts

Colored contacts whether with prescription or without are classified as medical devices hence must not be purchased without a valid prescription. People bestowed with 20/20 vision tend to take colored contacts for granted as for them they are only a fashion accessory that change their eye color temporarily. It is important to note that humiliating contact lens restrictions may lead to fatal ocular infections & risk your eye sight permanently. Ophthalmologist share horrendous injuries every year; particularly after Halloween that occur due to patients not respecting the FDA guidelines about colored contacts. Even the most meticulous of colored contacts wearers have been found guilty of repeating the below mistakes. Are you also one of them?

Sharing/Swapping Colored Contacts with Friends

First things first. If you cannot share your underwear and a toothbrush with your friends; you must not share your colored contacts either. Colored contacts usually take the shape of your eye ball after you wear them. Swapping contacts with friends only mean discomfort & itching. The base curve might be too tight or too loose for you even if it is just perfect for your friend.

Napping in Colored Contacts is Fine

napping in colored contacts

Even the most vigilant of the contact lens wearers make this mistake. Napping is considered fine although occasional snoozing with colored contacts has proved to increasing risks of microbial keratitis- an infection that may impair your vision permanently. Sleeping in contacts hamper the flow of oxygen the two ways. It creates a double barrier that does not let oxygen enter to your cornea. This increases the risks of microbial germs find a way to your ocular tissues. As a result you may notice light sensitivity, an unusual itching or burning & inflammation along with a gross discharge.

A little Water Poses No Risks

Colored contacts must NEVER come in contact with water. Water carries a microorganism named acanthamoeba keratitis that feeds on human cornea. The parasite is too active devouring your eye ball to imagine. Within 24 hours you run the risk of completely losing your vision and eye ball to the inhumane & tyrannous virus.

You must never store your contact lenses near water supplies such as bath room drawers or counters. Always rinse your colored contacts using the disinfectant compliant with contacts. Even the contact lens cases must only be rinsed using the same disinfectant.

Topping Solution

We all do this. Hands down. Disinfecting, rinsing and changing the solution from your contact lens cases is quite a tough of every day drill. So, boo boo! We all sneakily top off the solution instead of flushing down the old solution. Contact lens disinfectant loses its efficacy after it has been exposed to the open environment. Trust us, after 24 hours your contact lens case becomes a pool of dirty chemical that does more bad than good. Disinfect your contacts after every single wear and let them float in fresh supply of solution every night. Alternatively, you can try daily disposable colored contact lenses if your daily routine does not allow you to take time out for cleaning your contacts.

Using Colored Contacts after they Expire

Your colored contacts might just look as fine as they have always been, even after they meet the expiry date. However, this does not mean they are still safe to use. Bacteria might have accumulated and the stubborn protein/fat film can turn your vision hazy. Everything comes with an expiration date so do the colored contacts. Never use them past the expiry. Get 4 pairs of contacts for 3 (only US$15.90) and never run out of your prescription contacts.

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