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Phantasee Crazy Lens Green Mist & Colorvue Crazy Lens Mad Hatter

mad hatter

Crazy lenses come in various designs offering a variety of pigmentation structure. There may be loud & screaming lenses and at the same time you will find subtle designs with subdued hues. Phantasee Crazy lens Green Mist have a muted impact that makes this easy going crazy contacts. They blend effortlessly and adapt to the mood of your costume. On the other hand, Colorvue crazy lens Mad Hatter boast an exceptionally striking pattern. These lenses are supposed to make your eyes stand out. They ensure you get a couple of gazes from the crowd that is definitive of boosting your confidence if you are performing at a cosplay convention.

It has bright red and yellowish green as the base colors, and have defined black rim on the outside.
And by putting only slight red to the lens and gave more space around the pupil area, it actually gave slight dolly eye appearance!– read more here