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Pink Gothic Makeup Tutorial: Momoi Satsuki Wig & Geo SF36 Pink Contacts

momo wig

Its time to break the chains. Why jump on the bandwagon when you can produce something new? This pink gothic look will steal the show for you. Pink Gothic reflects the darkness of the sub-culture but unlike just black & dark, this innovative new trend displays the picturesque brightness. It features a vivid gum-pink dense wig i.e. Momo Satsuki & Geo SF36 pink contacts.

pink Geo SF36

The wig is super long with 100cm that easily goes down by your hips. It has straight tresses that are capable to withstand the temperature required to curl or iron. It is dense in volume that you can further boost by teasing it at the roots slightly. On the other hand Geo SF36 ingeniously compliment the entire look. They are vivacious, unworldly & incredibly pigmented to leave an unforgettable everlasting impact!