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Pink Pastel Lolita Wig

Gradient hair - uniqso review

lolita wig 287B

Lolita Wig 287B is a beautiful gradient pastel wig featuring blue and pink. It is 100% heat resistant and takes no damage when styled using heating tools. The wig features soft fibers that are playful to touch. Read below uniqso review or check our website for more products.

The style is really easy to comb and mantain in a good shape, I really recommend it if you want an easy wig to wear tons of times without worrying too much ๐Ÿ™‚ the quality as every wig from Uniqso is great, the fiber is super soft at touch and you can style the wig with heat too if you want to change the style, so amazing! You can get itย HERE.

Gradient hair - uniqso review