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6 Things to Know when buying Contact Lenses Online

Contact lenses online

Contact lenses are a great fix to innumerable vision imperfections. They change your eye color & improve your vision. Celebrities rock the red carpets wearing colored circle lenses & so is why we see contact lens industry booming like never before. Circle contacts have been known to us since forever now; yet unfortunately people lack even the basic knowledge. This either puts them at the risk of infection or make them lose the money they have invested in purchasing contact lenses online. Before you take a plunge, read these 7 things about getting contact lenses online.

Things that you Need to Know about Buying Contact Lenses Online

1.Circle Lenses or Colored Contact Lenses Differ Regular Contacts

Circle lenses or colored contact lenses differ in size, colors and patterns than regular contacts. Colored contacts make use of pigments whereas regular contacts are just transparent; often equipped with visibility tints only.

2. Contact Lenses Differ in Sizes with Each other

Colored contact lenses come in various sizes and we all know how important the size is. You can’t fit into just every size. Therefore, before purchasing contact lenses online; make sure you have an updated ready version of prescription obtained from your optometrist at hand. Contacts that are too loose will fall out from the eyes and on the other hand too tight contacts will squeeze your eye ball & cause scratches.

3.Circle Contacts come in Various Colors

Contact lenses online are available in several colors. Categorically they are classified as: “Visibility tint, enhancement tint, opaque & special effects”; where visibility tint help you see them while handling. Enhancement tints accentuate your eyes for a bit of drama by turning blue eyes bluer and green greener. On the other hand opaque lenses mask your eye color & change it dramatically whereas special effect contact lenses are novelty contacts that are meant for theatrical purposes.

4.Colored contact lenses are more expensive than Regular Contacts

Generally speaking, prices vary considerably. Regular/transparent contacts that are available online are however cheaper than colored contact lenses. Since colored contacts make use of pigments they may cost you 75% more than comparable non-tinted contacts.

5.Prescription is Available too

Contact lenses online are also available in prescription. Plain contacts with no power are simply referred as “plano” whereas others are called “prescription contacts”. When purchasing contact lenses online, make sure you check your prescription with your retailer.

6.Beware of Fake Versions

This is tricky. Please avoid buying contacts from unauthorized vendors & sellers that are here today and will be lost tomorrow. Please note buying & selling contacts is illegal in many countries due to substandard & fake versions. Always buy contact lenses online from trustworthy suppliers, if not from optometrist.