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Red Vs Yellow Eyes: Halloween

As Halloween approaches; all the witches & wizards get brace their belts for the magic. The vampires also come out at the Hallows eve while zombies join the parades to devour the abandoned sites. Their glowing yellow & red eyes are enough to freak others out. Out of red and yellow, what is your choice when it comes to halloween contact lenses? Below we are featuring Sweety Sky Yellow & Sweety Candy red. Both are synonymous of vibrancy & brilliance.

Sweety Sky yellow lenses help you create wondrous eyes that may be a perfect choice for a vampire that feeds on green. The lenses have a dark but muted limbal ring that creates an illusion of bigger eyes but nothing very sharp. On the other hand Sweety Candy red are intense bright that are perfect for cosplay and photo shoot. Both comes with an incredible pigmentation. Wear it when you want all eyes on you.