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Saddle Brown Lenses to Lighten Dark Eyes: Butterfly IC3 06


People with darker eyes need opaque circle lenses to change their eye color and end up looking fake. Luckily, I-Cody Naty IC3 06 Butterfly brown lenses have you covered. These saddle brown lenses add warmth to dark eyes by lightening the original color. Butterfly brown lenses feature an exquisite lace pattern that resembles the fluttering wings. The inner yellow-brown ring helps these lenses to produce soft transition from iris to pupil as the shades switch.

naty eyes

The color is a pretty light brown with a hint of gold and orange, perfect to fit brown eyes but I’m sure it will cover really well light eyes too ’cause the pigmentation is really high! The diameter is quite big and give to your eyes the perfect dolly look 😀