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Shiro Cosplay Wig & Circle Lenses

kawai max a red

Shiro cosplay wig features beautiful combination of soft pastel hues. The blue & lilac tresses are sewn together to replicate Shiro from No Game No Life. Shiro cosplay wig when worn against Kawayii SUPER Big Eyes A- Max red circle lenses completes your transformation for the cosplay appearance. These lenses are huge in size that boast scarlet red pigment, surrounded by a solid outer ring.

red eyes

Honestly, these lenses are super duper comfortable. Don’t worry about the size being so big, it’s no trouble putting them on because lenses are just lenses in the end and if you know how to put contacts in generally, they won’t be a problem for you neither. But with 55% the water content is really high and the base curve fits my eyes perfectly. I didn’t even have watery or dry eyes a second after putting them in, that’s how good they were (and I almost always have that). I’m extremely pleased, so that’ll definitely get a 10/10 โ™ฅ

shiro wig 1

I really really like the quality though! I don’t see the wig cap through the strands, it did not shed at all (I didn’t find a single blue or purple hair lying around on the floor where I styled it!). Hair this long seems always hard to comb through though, so yeah, that was a little hard but okay. The hair isn’t super shiny or anything too, so overall I’m really pleased! 9/10 โ™ฅ

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